Accuracy: on-set vs screen vs read

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m listening to a lot of Costume Station Zero and they talk a lot about accuracy. Most of the people on it have made a very good point. There are three types of accuracy you can go for: on-set, screen, or read.
On-set accuracy means it looks exactly like what the actors and actresses wore on the set in front of the cameras. The amazing TOS uniforms from Anovos are a great example.
Screen accuracy means it looks like what you see on TV or DVD. The problem with this is everyone’s screen is different. Also it depends on lighting and how the film is treated.
Read accuracy means when someone sees it they know who you are. It can fall into one of the two previous, but it doesn’t have to. For example, you see someone in a brown suit with brown hair sticking up everywhere and is wearing white Chucks, you know that’s the Tenth Doctor. Is it what David Tennant wore, down to the stitch? No. Does it look like he just stepped off the screen? No. But you still know it’s Ten.

I’m really starting to let go of the need for the first two types and go more with the third. I’ve been slowly getting less anal about the details as I’ve seen while the first two look impressive in person, a well done costume always looks good. I’m really thinking about one costume with all of this.

Back when I first found the Magnoli fabric existed and I got my hands on 5 yards of the original fabric (it’s been redone since), I also bought a pattern to make the suit. After a little bit, and some researching, I found out that I could send the fabric to Baron Boutique and have them make it. The best of both worlds: accurate fabric and accurate pattern.

But now I’m looking at that pattern again and thinking, I can do this! The pattern is a really good starting point. I can make a mock-up in muslin and get it looking good first. Then I can use that to make sure I have enough fabric (I’ve only got 5 yards) and then go at it with the striped fabric. It’s going to save me a ton of money and will finally get me my Blue suit. I feel so much more confident about this costume now.

Unless I don’t have enough fabric. Then I will cry and save up to get enough of the new fabric.


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