Tim Bisley

Tim Bisley is one of the main characters on the British series Spaced. Spaced is an awesome series created by Simon Pegg (who also portrays Tim) and Jessica Stevenson, and directed by Edgar Wright. I love this series and really connect with Tim.

Tim is, simply put, a geek. He is a comic book artist who works in a comic book store. He loves Star Wars and video games.

He also has hair that looks like it’s been “murdered with peroxide”. At first I figured I’d just make a Chocolate beanie like his and hide my hair underneath. Well, turns out it’s harder to make than I thought. So while I work on my third attempt, I bought a Rufio in Titanium Blonde from Arda Wigs.

Myself as Tim Bisley

His clothing is really simple and easy to find. He wears short-sleeved plaid shirts over long-sleeved t-shirts, khaki cargo pants, and skater shoes. I was able to find the shirts and pants at Goodwill and am going with my Chucks until I can find some skater shoes.


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