Halloween is here!

Well, it’s about a month away, but I’ve already got my plans figured out. Last year I decided to give up on people recognizing my outfit and just wore something that would be partially recognized (the ninja aspect of N1NJ4 Miho). This year I’m completely giving up. There’s one person who might know who I’ll be. But luckily I’ll be able to go “Anime character” and all will be fine. For my friends’ Halloween party, I’ll probably still have the most involved costume there, but I’ll be comfy this year. And a few people will know who I am! Class is going to be great. One person will definitely know who I am. And it will be totally worth it.

I said all of that to say this. The next three Fridays will have rundowns of each costume. Tomorrow will be the one for class. I’m not sure which I’ll do after that, but it’ll be obvious: anime character or cartoon character.


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