No shame in redoing

Original Fourth-Doctor-Scarf-inspired arm-warmer

Last night I started on the new Fourth-Doctor-Scarf-inspired arm-warmers for the Fangirl. The first one used Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Sport. I could only get so close on a few of the colors, which really bugged me, and they were a little too chunky for me. This time I’m using Knit Picks Palette, which is a Fingering weight yarn. It is a much thinner yarn, and the colors are spot on. I’m only about 12 rows in, maybe two inches, and it looks great! It looks the way I was hoping it would! I am so happy.

The two big differences this time are the yarn and the pattern. I already mentioned the yarn. The pattern is still based off of‘s Season 12 scarf pattern. But I’m only knitting half the amount of rows per color. I did a wide rib (3×3) on the edge that will be on my hand and am just using stockinette stitch until the last few rows where I’ll do a 1×1 rib to hopefully keep it up.

Original Seventh-Doctor-Vest-inspired arm-warmer

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have the time to measure it and see if I figured correctly for my Seventh-Doctor-Vest-inspired arm- warmer pattern. I’m going to take the same approach by only ribbing the top and bottom. It is going to look so much better than the original. Also both arm-warmers are going to have the edges slipped at the thumbholes to prevent that annoying curling. Thank you,!

Which brings me to the point. Back when I started, if something didn’t turn out exactly like I was envisioning, I did one of two things. I either just wore it and dealt with it (like my original Miho), or I would just not wear it and pretend it didn’t happen.

Now I’m totally open to going “Okay, that didn’t work quite as planned. Now I know what doesn’t work and I think I know how to do it better.” I’m redoing the arm-warmers. I’m making a totally new TARDIS bag. I’m making a new canvas duster (Inverness coat) for Harry. I just love being able to look back and see how much I’ve grown as a costumer/cosplayer. It’s so cool!


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