That’s better

I just went through and got my and ACParadise costume lists up to date. Costumes have been pulled, updated, retired and archived. I wish had some way to have retired costumes listed separately. Eventually we’re supposed to be able to organize the list how we want it. Which means I’ll have everything retired at the bottom, thus putting the focus on the active and in-progress cosplays. That is going to be nice.

It’s interesting. The more I listen to Costume Station Zero, the more I’m finding out how unique and awesome Dragon*Con is. There have been a few guests on who’ve gone to both SDCC and D*C, and I’m more and more glad that we got to D*C. It sounds like aside from being a lot more fun and focused on the fans, it’s much more costume and cosplay oriented. I always thought that SDCC had about the same ratio of costumes to non-costumes, but it seems I was wrong. That just reinforces my love of D*C. Best con ever!

Oh, one last piece of wonderfulness. The yarn arrived yesterday. I have the yarn to redo the Seventh and Fourth Doctor arm-warmers for my Fangirl! The colors are wonderful and I’m just hoping that the lighter yarn will make things work better. I can’t wait to get started.


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