I’m back!

I decided that I’ve tried to use Weebly’s blog feature long enough. WordPress is so much better!

So to celebrate, I made a few changes. The title changed because this is really just a series of notes about cosplay and costumes. Why pretend it’s anything else? The other big change is the look. I decided it needed a new look.

I may go through and bring the posts from Weebly over. But for now they’re all at The Workroom.

I’ve also been looking more at my cosplay list, and pulled a few more from it. Between Dragon*Con and Costume Station Zero, I’m finding myself wanting to put more work into my costumes. Buying things and either modding them a little or just assembling the outfit doesn’t feel right anymore. Of course this is a totally personal thing, I will never look down at anyone who goes thrifting and assembles an outfit. That’s how I got started. But I think I’m ready to move up to the next level of craftsmanship.

As you can see over to the right, I’ve got a long list of costumes that are in various stages of being worked on or, as is the case with the Bathing Suit, I am committed to doing.

I’m really looking forward to sharing all about them on here again!


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