Deep thinking

Right now I’m listening to the first episode of an awesome podcast that I really need to get a hold of and get caught up on. Costume Station Zero is amazing so far. It’s a podcast of costumers talking about costuming. The main host is Bob Mitsch who is an amazing costumer and cosplayer, whose focus on Doctor Who is how I know him. You might have seen him before.

Photo © Deverill Weekes

But, back to the point. Listening them talk about cosplay basics has me making a few decisions that I’ve been putting off. I’ve decided to retire Christmas Invasion Ten. Every time I think about that outfit, I think Arthur Dent. And if I’m thinking of Arthur instead of The Doctor, it’s probably a good sign I need to retire it. I would love to find some accurate fabric and make that sword and bring CI Ten back. But right now I’ve got so much started and no money at all to think about investing in new fabric.

I’m also really grateful that I bought that wig for Tim. I’m looking at the pics of myself and realizing how not good that hat is. It’s not bad, but I think it detracts from the look rather than adds to it. I didn’t make it big enough to fit farther down on my head and so it looks off. The wig might need a little trimming on the sides and back, but that’s it. It is going to look so much better. But that doesn’t mean I’ve given up on the wig. I’ve worked out a new pattern with a different type of yarn. I think it might actually work this time. The colors are much closer and I think even the yarn will be more accurate.

They’re also making me think more about the costumes I’m planning and I’m starting to wonder if it’s going to be worth the cost to properly do some costumes. So many of my costumes have been, “Oh, I only have to add these few things and I’ll have [insert name here] done!” Now I’m taking another look at that and wondering how often I’ll end up wearing them. Others I’m realizing it’s definitely worth investing in because I can wear them for longer because age isn’t a factor.

Now I’m off to order new yarns for the Fangirl’s new arm-warmers. Thank goodness for overtime!


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