Fangirl fun!

The other day I got my Christmas bonus check. After I got a few more Christmas presents for people, I went shopping for myself. 😀 I only have a few more things to buy for my Doctor Fangirl! Here’s a quick rundown:

First Doctor: Monocle – Done! Bought one from a costume store and replaced the chain with a ribbon
Second Doctor: Skirt – Done! I found a great houndstooth skirt at Goodwill
Third Doctor: Sonic – Done! It arrived last Thursday! It’s so awesome!
Fourth Doctor: Arm-warmer – Done! I finished it last week
Fifth Doctor: Celery – Done! I’ve had it knitted and ready to go for a while
Sixth Doctor: Umbrella – everything’s been bought. I’m waiting for the umbrella and striped fabric to arrive, and I need to dye two pieces the right colors. I’ve got the rest of the fabric already.
Seventh Doctor: Arm-warmer – started knitting it tonight
Eighth Doctor: Shrug – I’ve got the velvet and the pattern, I just have to make it
Ninth Doctor: Corset – Done! The corset is awesome and the buttons just complete the look so well
Tenth Doctor: Socks – I have the socks and the paint, I just need to apply the one to the other
Eleventh Doctor: Bow tie – Have it!
TARDIS Bag: I have everything to make it and I have over half of the stuff for it either here or on it’s way!

I can’t believe how much I have done. I just need three more things for the TARDIS bag, two of which need to wait until closer to Dragon*Con. I’ve got so much time to get everything done, it’s so different!

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