Busy busy busy

I have gotten so much done lately. I really need to get caught up on here. I’ve been posting little things over on DeviantArt, since I can access it from work. I’ll try to do a quick rundown of what’s been done recently.

The Doctor Fangirl has made huge strides toward completion. Recently I got Eleven’s bowtie and the 3D glasses for the TARDIS bag. Today I went to Jo-Ann’s and got fabric for Six’s umbrella. It may be all the fabric for the umbrella, I’m not sure. Also I found an even better skirt! It’s one solid houndstooth pattern and is a much better style.

This weekend Gaz moved closer to completion as well. I got her purple tights at the local costume shop. That simply left the armwarmers, so I ordered those too. Once the socks have arrived and I’ve transformed them, she’s done and ready to go!

Wolfwood literally simply needs the confessional and she’s done. The wig has been styled and I even picked up fake cigs. She’s going to look awesome. As long as I can pull off the confessional.

GIR’s new lenses are finished. I ordered another pair of goggles and used the clear lenses from them. I also ordered some color gels that photographers use and cut out new “lenses”. I was going to glue them on, but they fit perfectly without the glue. Which is great since I was worried about the glue showing. I also finished his wig, so the Robot gijinka is done. The Dog Disguise gijinka got a lot closer to done today. I now have everything for that one and he’s ready for Ohayocon. I found a white hoodie and a black sweatshirt at Goodwill. It looks like the sleeves will easily switch, so I only have to dye the body of the white hoodie. And it’s 70% cotton, so it should take the Rit well. It’ll be fun to put together.

Sad Kitty ear Miho is ready for Ohayocon as well. The hat is awesome and cute and comfy. The wig is ready to go. I can’t wait. Also a few other Miho looks are close to being done.

I’m hoping to get some WIP and finished pics done soon. But the way things are going, I’ll be lucky to get good pics in before Ohayocon.


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