“Say ‘Moosie Fate’!”

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, G.I.R. has arrived!

Today I finished the last part of my G.I.R. robot gijinka. Possibly tomorrow I’ll get a couple of pics of the entire costume. But for now I’ll just go into the parts.

The hoodie was really simple. I bought a grey hoodie and painted the front pocket the same color as his chest plate using a combination of light blue and neon green fabric paints. The green has some sparkle to it, which I think really helps.

Then I bought some goggles from Amazon. I was going to use Rub ‘N Buff on them, but it doesn’t work on plastic. Especially hard plastic, like the goggles. So this morning I picked up some Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch UltraCover 2X in silver or aluminum or something like that. Then I got to work.

Just one coat got it covered. I just had to make sure everything that would be seen got painted. Then I got to work on the lenses.

These are the lenses that come in the goggles. Each side has a tinted lens and a clear lens. The clear lens is what’s getting painted.

It didn’t take much paint to get them covered. I used a combination of Gloss Turquoise and Sublime Green model paint. I’m hoping the paint will dry so it’s not sticky at all and I’ll slip the tinted lenses in after them.

Once everything was dry, a little reassembly and they were ready to go!

I put the side I painted facing the inside of the goggles. It gives the outer surface a much smooth look and I think it also looks much more solid.

It all turned out better than I expected. The eyes and the chest plate aren’t the same color. I think I got closer to a correct match on both of them than I ever thought I would. I just wish I could have tinted the lenses so I could just wear the goggles all the time instead of pulling them down for pics. I can’t see a thing when they’re on.


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