Post-con Inspiration

It all started at Dragon*Con. I bought two wigs while I was there. I figured I should take advantage of Arda Wigs being there and help to lighten their load. So I got my Miho/Gaz wig, aka a Ferrari in Electric Purple. I was originally going to get Grape, but seeing them both in person, the Electric Purple is so much better. It’s going to be so much better this time! I also picked up a new wig for Jane. I wanted to get my Piro/Pirogoeth wig, but evidently the Harley Quinns of the con had come and taken all the blonde wigs. So I went with Jane, aka a Buttercup in Black. The Buttercup has a permanent part in exactly the right spot. I just have to do some teasing at the roots to try and get a bit more poof going and then figure out the shortest I can make it and go from there. Once that’s done, Jane (redux) is finally finished! I can’t wait!

Then Tuesday I decided to go out and do a little shopping with the money I had left. I got the sweatshirt, paint, and silver Rub-N-Buff for GIR. Now all he needs are the goggles and he’s ready to go for Ohayocon! I also finally found some Lumiere paint so I can put Don’t Panic in “large friendly letters” on the Kindle Cover and have Arthur completely done. Then I made one final stop at Goodwill. I was looking for a good skirt for Death and Dawn’s renaissance looks. I was going to go with a more peasant look, but I found a great black velvet skirt that I couldn’t pass up. I figure since I’m using the black leather corset for Death and a brocade one for Dawn, velvet would look better than twill. Eventually I’ll make a twill, because I need one for Barmaid!Pirogoeth.


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