OMG. Dragon*Con was amazing. I’ll go into the awesome details over in My Polymind. But I made a few discoveries there, for which I am really happy.

I learned two very important things. One, it doesn’t matter if you’re doing a different version of The Doctor, you’re not really going to get stopped. Two, if you’re Death or Dawn, you definitely will. I got my picture taken more as Death than I have altogether before! So I’m going to make sure to have either a Death or Dawn for the con every year. I’ve also decided to simply bring three main costumes to the con. Monday is such a relaxed day that wearing a costume doesn’t make much sense. I say three main because I’ll bring my Dr. Horrible Groupie when I plan to go to the Picture Show, which will now be every-other year. I’m glad I’ve done it two years in a row, but there is other stuff going on that I’d like to do. So I figure alternating is a good idea.

I’ve also come to a decision. I like to be distinct in the costumes I wear (with the exception of The Doctor). And one way to be distinct is to not only do really good costumes, but do really good genderbends (when I want to do them). The Doctor and Harry Dresden are probably the only male characters that are immune from genderbending. Well, them and any others that a genderbend wouldn’t look very different (aka, Tim Bisley). That means I’ve decided to drop my crossplay Wolfwood and just go with the genderbend. G.I.R. is going to be an experiment. The sweatshirt might be large enough that a good sport bra may be all I need. I guess I’ll be crossplaying him, if robots have a gender.


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