Learning from failures

So. Yesterday and today I gave in. I bought white tights, clear nail polish, even flat bed fake nails. I cut the tights. I got one mostly sewn up. Then I tired it on. Runs like crazy. Hard to get on. So frustrating. But I’m okay. I’m going to just wear the black gloves at Dragon*Con and work on these when I get back. The white tights came with black ones. So I’m going to use them to try again. Hopefully it will work and I can get some white tights (probably from Sock Dreams this time) and do it properly. I am a little sad I couldn’t get them done for this weekend. But I would rather have them looking great and right rather than rush to simply get them done.

I really feel that I have grown a lot since I started seriously costuming. There was a point where I would be in tears right now and determined to get it to work. But the fact that I’m willing to be a little off in the look because it will work out a lot better and look much better.

Okay. Now I need to go figure out how to get the Clown White off the black leather jacket and try to stay up a little later so I can help get us to Atlanta safely.


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