Problem solved!

I put out there on this question:

Has anyone had any luck putting fake nails on gloves and have them look convincing? Turns out I can’t white out my hands for Death without leaving little white prints everywhere. For D*C I’m simply going to wear gloves, but I’d like to have white hands in the future. Any ideas?

Very quickly someone replied about a Weeping Angel (from Doctor Who) cosplayer who made gloves out of tights. After a quick search on Google, I found the tutorial she put up on!
Here they are when they’re on:

All credit goes to Penwiper (an amazing Who-vian!). Please click the pic and check out all the work she put into this amazing costume!

The thing that makes it even more awesome for me is that this is for Death. I don’t have to paint the gloves! I just have to get white tights. I may check the stores, but I may end up just ordering from Sock Dreams. Even better, I can do so many more versions of Death now that I can make my arms white! I just have to figure out how to wear them while wearing a cami. Maybe I’ll go with more of a tank with thicker straps. I’m so excited!


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