Goodwill good luck

As usual I stopped by Goodwill after Mass today and I struck gold yet again! I finally found a v-neck black shirt that will work for Post-Regen!Ten. He is finally ready to go for Dragon*Con and the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary next year! I also found some great men’s jeans that will be perfect for many of my crossplays. I’ve got some, but I underestimated the size I needed. Now they’ll fit a lot better and I’ll be much comfier.

Last, but not least, I finished off another cosplay. I found some black cargo pants to finish off Victorian!Death. A while ago I had the idea to do Death looking like a street kid from the Victorian era. Well, inspired by that time. It could probably be called Steampunk since it’s more inspired by Victorian-era style rather than being historically accurate. Black cap, black shirt, black corset, black cargo pants, black boots, and black gloves with the fingertips cut off. Finally done! Now I just have to figure out when I’m going to debut her. Maybe for Ohayocon 2013…hmmm.


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