Bring on the Dragon!

I am ready! Bring on Dragon*Con!

This past weekend I finally finished the last two costumes. All I have to do is buy some fashion tape, a box or two of Jaffa Cakes, and some orange eyeshadow and I’m ready to go. Well, aside from having to pack everything. But that’s not the important part. 😀 Probably sometime after I get back and can find time that both my friend and I have free, I’ll do some good photoshoots for everyone. But I figure the Saturday before the con I’ll do a quick one with each of the five completely done and ready to go. I’ve learned, trying to get good shots while at the con end up being quick shots taken in the hotel room. 😛
Here’s a quick rundown of who’s coming and what they’re wearing:

Tim Bisley (Spaced)

Tim will be worn on Thursday and for a good part of Friday. His outfit for D*C consists of the Chocolate beanie (made by me), a long-sleeved baseball tee, short sleeved plaid shirt, and tan cargo pants from Goodwill, and black Chuck Taylors.

Groupie (Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog)

I will be a Groupie on Friday evening and night. Most importantly I will be a Groupie sitting in the audience watching the amazing and wonderful Dr. Horrible Picture Show Friday night. I can’t wait! As a Groupie I will be wearing goggles that I pained silver myself, a blue Dr. Horrible t-shirt (from the official store), jeans, and black Chuck Taylors.

The Doctor (Doctor Who)

More specifically I will be the Tenth Doctor wearing his tuxedo for the Parade and a good portion of Saturday. The Doctor will be wearing a tuxedo shirt, black dress pants, and a tuxedo jacket from Goodwill, a silk bow tie, and black Chuck Taylors. He will also have his brainy specs, sonic screwdriver, and psychic paper.

Death (Death: The Time of Your Life)

Death will be wandering around all day on Sunday. Her look is from the cover of one of the issues from Death: The Time of Your Life. She will be wearing a black cami, black jeggings, black boots, black leather jacket, her ankh, and a studded belt.

Dawn (Dawn inspired original)

The goddess of birth and rebirth will be making appearances Saturday evening at The Georgia Aquarium and Monday around the con. She will be wearing a sleeveless black shirt with a mandarin collar, a black leather corset, jeans, and boots. And of course she will have her traditional rose and chain.

As you can see, I’m going to be making use of certain items as much as possible in order to have less to transport there and back. Right now it’s just the Chucks and the jeans, but there may be another one or two by the time the con rolls around. The less I have to pack, the less I have to keep track of.
Closer to the con I’ll post at least one picture of each costume as they will be worn at the con. I can’t wait!


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