I love Goodwill!

After Mass today I decided to stop by the Goodwill on my way home. I was limiting myself to just the pink tags, because they were the ones on sale, but I had to get one other thing.

First I had luck with the pink tags. I found my shirt for my Genderbend!Piro. Now the only thing I need for her is the wig. Unfortunately that is going to be a bit since the Chibi isn’t cheap. But it is going to really be worth it.

Then, I found it. I was looking at coats and blazers and even men’s pants for potential herringbone fabric for my Doctor Fangirl skirt. I figured I’d make a pleated herringbone skirt to represent the Second Doctor. Then I had a crazy thought, why don’t I check the skirts! That’s when I found it. It’s a wonderful little skirt with a couple of herringbone patterns on it, but it works. I knew I had found the right skirt the moment I saw it. One more piece down, only …9 more to go!


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