Weekend update

I have actually gotten quite a bit done this weekend!

On Friday I got a little bored and noticed I still had my tie for Ten’s blue suit out. So I decided to finally grab a red Sharpie and get it taken care of. Here’s how it looked when I started:
Before pic of the tie
See all that silver? I needed it to be red. So I started coloring. The end result?
After pic of the tie
Now it’s ready to go with the black shirt and look like I stepped out of The Library. 😉

Today I stopped by Jo-Ann’s for a few supplies. I want to get my Wolfwoods finished. Both the male and female versions need the same cross cufflinks and confessional. That’s all they need to be finished. So I picked up some scrapbooking paper, Mod-Podge, and brush for the Confessional, and some magnets for the cufflinks. I want them to be removable without any damage to the jackets, so I’m hoping these magnets will be strong enough to stay on and not get accidentally knocked off. If not, I’ll go find stronger ones.
Supply run
I also decided, since all the paper was on sale, the brush was only $0.99, and I had three coupons, to go ahead and get the apron for MegaGamers!Miho. This puts me a whole lot closer to having her done. Once I paint MEGAGAMERS on the apron, I just have to make the kitty ears and get the wig. I’m planning to get the wig when I go to Dragon*Con since Arda Wigs is going to be there. Save all the shipping stuff.

I am so excited! I may actually have the Wolfwoods done by next Sunday, and MG!Miho will be a lot closer!


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