Jane redone

I’ve been thinking about my Jane Lane redux lately. All I need is a wig and shorts and she’s ready to go. Today I decided to stop by a nearby Goodwill to see if I could find some shorts. I was thinking of trying to find some men’s cargo shorts, but they didn’t have any. So I started looking through the women’s shorts. Nothing in my size that would work. So I decided to see what the capris had to offer. I found a great pair. I was thinking I could just roll them up and put a few stitches in to keep them up when I needed it and take them out to wear them otherwise. Then the “fan art” side took over.

Jane LaneWhen I was considering the cargo shorts, it’s because I was thinking of a different spin to put on her. I realized those cargo pants are the spin I was thinking of! So this Jane’s going to be a little different than she was in the show, but she’s still going to be Jane.

I’m going to get the Buttercup from Arda. Mostly because it’s got a good style to start from, and the part’s in the right place already! I’ve already got the black shirt done from my last go as Jane. The red shirt is going to be one I already have, just with the sleeves rolled up. Then there will be the cargo pants, which starts the changes. I’m thinking of simply wearing my black nylons instead of the leggings. Socks will be covered up by the boots. The boots are going to be the same ones from Harry. They’re guys boots, and nice and bulky, but they fit wonderfully (unlike my combat boots). Hopefully I’ll be able to get a pic of everything but the wig soon and see how it looks. I think it’s going to work!


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