Thank goodness for Tribbles!

Yes, Captian. I said it and I’m not sorry!

Yesterday hubby and I hunkered down to watch some more Star Trek. I gleefully discovered that “The Trouble with Tribbles” was the next episode. Luckily that was the only Original Series episode on the disc. In the extras they included The Animated Series episode “More Tribbles, More Troubles” and the DS9 episode “Trials and Tribble-ations” along with extras about filming the latter. It was in one of the extras that I got a breakthrough on my TOS uniform. The boots were tripping me up. The 1701st doesn’t have any official recommendations for women’s boots. They’ve found a couple of options for the guys, but not the gals. Then Terry Farrell said that it was awesome being in the go go boots and mini-skirt.

Go go boots! Why didn’t I think of it before? Luckily Etsy exists and has a constantly rotating stock. If I can just hit Etsy or eBay at the right time, I’ll be able to get some boots. I’m also going to look into possibly making patent leather look like regular leather. Patent leather go go boots are easy to find. I figure if I can’t find some leather ones, I can mod the patent ones.

It pays to watch the extras!


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