Death after the wake

Yesterday I decided not to use the fingerless gloves for Modern!Dawn. That left them free. I looked around at what cosplays I still needed to finish working on, and then I found it. Their new home. Death.

The Endless gathered for dinner
I cropped it to remove as many spoilers as possible.

Now that I figured out where to use them, this version of Death is done! It’s a really simple look.

First there’s my trusty Death wig. The black Vegas from Arda with the ponytail removed. I love that wig!

Then there’s the t-shirt. I bought mine years ago at Wal-Mart. It’s tailored to fit the female form, and thus looks really good when worn. It was in the athletic clothing section. I hope they still make them like that. I’d love to get a couple more sometime.

The ankh is another Death staple. I am so glad I found it so easily at the Ren Faire. To me, it’s a perfect ankh for her.

I’m going to change things up for the pants and have two options. One is the one that’s drawn: black pants. I’m going to use the jeggings I bought for Didi and use with her The Time of Your Life oufit. But if I’m not feeling the completely black look, as she does sometimes, I’m going to wear my skinny jeans. She does wear blue jeans every once in a while. Variety is a good thing. 🙂

To finish it all of I’ll probably stick with the boots that I wear with her all the time. The knee-high black boots my friend gave me years ago. As long as I’m not doing too much walking and am wearing socks, not just tights, they aren’t too bad.

I’m hoping to get a lot of pics of a lot of cosplays done in May. I’ve got so many that I’ve finished but I don’t have pics of. I want to fix that!


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