Well, I may have gotten overexcited about this weekend. Right now my closet is behind a bunch of stuff that doesn’t have a home right now. In there is the interfacing to add to the corset. I may try to find it today, though. But the gloves aren’t going to get finished. I’m actually starting to reconsider using them. The rose I can attach to my wrist with body glue. The chain I’m thinking of changing things up and making a combination of the chunky chain I’m planning to get for my other Dawns and the fine chain I bought for Modern. Then I’d just attach that to my wrist with body glue and be done with it. I’m really starting to like this idea the more I think about it. I love the gloves, but attaching things to them has proven difficult and even more difficult to get off once things (aka the chain) are attached.

Oh, yeah. And I don’t know where the fabric for Ninj4!Miho is.


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