The corset is here!

This morning I stopped by the post office and picked up my corset!

Black 'leather' underbust corset
I am so happy! The busk (the center of the front) comes unhooked which allows me to get it fitting properly and I’ll be able to get in and out of it by myself! The lacing comes from both the top and bottom and meets in the middle. That will allow it to fit really well and hold in all the right places.

What’s even better, so far, this is going to be used for a potential 7 cosplays. 7! Here’s the list:

  1. Death (Renaissance)
  2. The Doctor Fangirl
  3. Death (Steampunk)
  4. Miho (CoffinRose)
  5. Gaz Membrane (Adult)
  6. Eve (Gijinka)
  7. Black Cat (Renaissance)

The first three are probably going to be done in the next two years. The other four… well, Miho has a good chance at being done. The only thing I need to get to finish her is her rings. Gaz needs a few more things, but they all simply need to be bought. Eve needs a bit more, including making a shrug. Black Cat is sort of a dream at this point. But, this does make those last two a bit more of a reality. Yay!


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