School time!

My creative brain has been working overtime today. Mostly it’s been about Dawn. But I’ll just go into the one for now.
Dawn Schoolgirl
This is my inspiration. Originally I was going for an exact match to the sketch. Then I decided that it doesn’t have to be a perfect match. Today, my ‘living fan art’ side took over and did a complete overhaul.

I have a short plaid skirt already. It’s a red, black, and white color scheme, but I think it’ll work just fine! The only thing I still need may not even get used. I’m going to get a chain for my Casual!Dawn that’s also going to be used here. Well, that’s if I still think that the rose and chain really add the right amount of Dawn to the look. There are no rose or chain in the sketch, but I think for a con the rose and chain would be good additions. Granted, a tie with skulls drawn on it should give away who I am. But since I’m going to have them from other cosplays already, it’s not like I’ll be spending money on something unused.

I can’t wait!


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