Modern progress

Well, I’ve got everything for my Modern!Dawn, but a lot has changed. I decided that the corset pattern isn’t the best and needs some help. I’m going to remove all the boning (except the two pieces sewn in by the eyelets) and put in some strong interfacing. I figure that will give the fabric more structure and hopefully more support. Then I’m going to double the amount of boning. Except in the cups. I may leave one strip of boning in them, I may not. It depends on how the new bra cups fit. I bought some bra cups that are simply that. They’ll give the shape I need and then I’ll throw the push-up ones underneath. I might try removing the eyelets and putting grommets in instead. I now know there is a difference and I think the grommets will be the better choice. But that depends on two things: money and time. If I can’t take the eyelets out or I can’t afford the grommets, the eyelets are staying and I’ll just have to be careful.

The rose and chain should be a lot easier to work with. The rose I’m going to lightly sew on to the glove so it can be removed if I need a rose for another Dawn look on bare arms. The chain is going to be fun. I’m going to wrap it around multiple times and sew it in lots of places. Hopefully it’s going to work the way I’m envisioning it.

The only problem is I’ve been busy these last couple of weeks. I really want to work on it and get her done, but we’ve been trying to get the apartment ready for Easter and my Mom’s coming down this weekend, so we’re getting it in shape for that. Next weekend we’re probably going to be at the in-laws, so that’s out. I’m going to try to work on the gloves, at least, during the week next week since they won’t take up a lot of space and shouldn’t take too long. Reworking the corset is going to take a Saturday and a lot of patience and space. I just hope my hubby will have the patience to deal with me working on it.


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