You might have noticed the presence of the “secret cosplay” in the progress section on the right. Well, it’s been scrapped. I had a great idea…no. Wait. I have a great idea for a look for Dawn, but the main fabric I got for it just wasn’t turning out the way I was hoping it would. Luckily the corset I had made for it I was planning to use for a modern look for her. And it’s the only thing that was finished that isn’t being used for the look now. So I’ve switched them in my plans. I’m going to do the modern look this year and this other one in 2015. That way nothing goes to waste, I still have a Dawn for this year, and I’ll be able to do her the way I’m envisioning her.

The modern look is almost finished. I just need to get some fingerless gloves, a rose, and a chain. Hopefully that’ll happen in the next few weeks and I can tell you all about it!

Edit: The gloves have been ordered and I’m going to get the rose and chain tomorrow!


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