I was reading a thread on Cosplay.com that was all about why people crossplay. I got to thinking about how I’ve been cutting back on my crossplaying because it seems to weird my hubby out. I had been figuring out ways to do them as genderbend instead and it was also a less expensive route. Then a thought hit me: “Why not take the wig I have for Harry and use it for Wolfwood and Dante Hicks?” I’ve been thinking about giving it a trim. And it’s amazing what a little hairspray will do. I didn’t want to get a wig just for either of them. Once I had that breakthrough, an avalanche of thoughts followed.

Dante is one piece of clothing away from being finished. All I need to do is get the green shirt he wears and he’s ready to go. I have combat boots, kakhi pants, a white shirt, and a wig. And that shirt is going to be from Goodwill or the like, so that’s going to be so cheap and wonderful! Also the green shirt puts me one step closer to my genderbend Dante. After that I just need to get a wig I’m planning to use for quite a few cosplays. Eventually I’d like to get the money together to get the Mooby’s shirt and name tag and do Clerks II Dante as well.

Wolfwood needs a little more to be complete, but only half needs to be bought. I was going to use the suit from Tux!Ten, but I realized that Wolfwood always has his jacket closed. I can’t close the jacket without showing off my wonderful, feminine curves. Luckily that’s going to be another great find at Goodwill. I also need some decent dress shoes for my eventual TNG uni, I’ll just buy them a little early.
That just leaves the cufflinks and confessional to make. The solution to the cufflinks came to me in the avalanche. I started to look on Jo-Ann’s website to see if they had materials to make a pin out of them. Then it hit me: magnets. I’m going to get some small magnets and use them to hold the cufflinks onto the jacket. That way they can be removed if I need to use the jacket for someone else or the cufflinks for my genderbend Wolfwood. I’m going with the confessional for now because it’s smaller. I saw quite a few stunted props at Ohayocon this year and they just don’t look right. That, combined with the fact that I don’t have the space or money to build the Punisher, let alone store it, makes the confessional ideal. All I have to do is buy some poster board for it and I can work on it whenever. Well, after I’ve finished up my last cosplay for D*C.

I’m so grateful for this avalanche of ideas. It’s given me a second chance at a cosplay I’ve been wanting to redo since college and the chance to cosplay as possibly my favorite character from the View Askewniverse.


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