I love Goodwill!! I now have, sitting in the living room, one pair of tan cargo pants, one olive green fleece pullover, one white dress shirt, one white tux shirt, one pair black pants, one tux jacket. Which translates into clothes for both Tim Bisley and Tux!Ten. I even have the tux shirt for when I can afford the cufflinks and do that look also! For an extra $4, it was so worth it!

Tim progress
Sorry for the mirror shot.
So here’s Tim so far. I was so happy with how he looked when I tried on the clothes that I had to take a pic. I’m wearing my compression bra instead of the binder and it’s a bit static-y, hence the curves up top. But other than that it looks awesome! Totally gets rid of any curves on the sides. I’m going to add a pocket to the front and maybe some anti-static lining to give it more body. I’m currently working on the Chocolate beanie, with Spaced in the background and munching on Jaffa Cakes.

I don’t have a pic of The Doctor, unfortunately. I had it half off before I thought about it. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get it all on and get a good pic. The only thing I need for him are the brainy specs. I can’t believe I’m one item away on two cosplays! Yay!!


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