Duh moment

I just realized that I have a tendency to write my random cosplay thoughts down everywhere online but here. That makes no sense! Well, the really short, little things will remain for the Tumblr. But stuff like this really belongs here.

Lately I’ve been looking more and more at my plans for the next few (5) years. The more I look at them, the more they’re changing. Soon after Ohayocon I decided to take a new approach to cosplaying. It was something Fred Gallagher said about his work on MegaTokyo, he does it for him. He appreciates that there are the fans out there who keep reading it. But in the end it keeps going because he enjoys it. He had also made a comment about fan art that I can’t remember exactly, but it shifted my outlook on cosplay. I shouldn’t be worried about what others think. I need to be happy with it.

Also I’m not going to be nearly the stickler for details that I was. While some cosplays do warrant detail (like The Doctor), but many can simply be living fan art. When I come at it from that approach, a whole lot of cosplays became a lot more easier for me to do. For example, I’m going to do a little touching-up of Polesitting Miho. I’m going to make a long-sleeved shrug and switch a couple of things out. It’s going to be great!

I’ve also changed around what’s being done when and I feel good about it. I’ve moved some to the back burner and moved some up. I really think that I may have found the best plan. Of course that’ll probably change in a year, but it’s a start!


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