So many ideas!

Lately I’ve been going through my lists of what I want to do when and really seeing if I want to do them. Things have been shuffled around, one year is being completely devoted to revising and touching-up some cosplays. But my brain keeps coming up with ideas! Darn brain. So I figured I’d lay them out here in the hopes that it may help calm things down.

One is one that I’ve had in the back of my mind for a while but have had some reluctance as to whether I should do it. One thing that I tend to forget in times like this is that cosplay is supposed to be fun and for yourself. Femme cosplays can go a number of different ways. The most common versions I see are either changing the pants out for a skirt or making it really skimpy and “sexy”. Some girls simply wear what the guy would wear but don’t bind and have longer hair.
This last one a lot of people think of as lazy cosplaying. In a way it can be. But I realized last night that it’s not always the case. I like to try and think of what the character would wear if he were female while still retaining the important aspects of the cosplay. For example: Tuxedo Mask would wear an evening dress instead of the tux. But you can’t always do that.
My favorite character from Clerks. is Dante Hicks. I’d love to do a femme!Dante, but when I think about what I would wear if I were Dante, I come up with the same clothes. Last night I finally accepted that sometimes that is the only way to do a femme cosplay. Luckily it’s also a complete closet cosplay that I’d be surprised if I spent more than $15 on. All I need are the pants and the shirt. πŸ™‚

The other thing that keeps running through my are really three: Dawn, Death, and Miho. I’ve come to realize they are my favorite three ladies of comics. Partially because they leave so much room to have fun and come up with new ideas for. I keep seeing them in different outfits when I’ve already got so much planned. I should probably write them down anyway since they’re mostly using pieces I already have. So they wouldn’t cost any more or take up more room. And they would expand my options. Yeah. That’s how I’ll handle it.

It’s amazing how things can organize themselves when you write them out!


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