Timesinking time

I finally am done with Timesinking Miho! I’ve been going back and forth on one little thing for a while now, but talking with my hubby tonight finally helped me put it to rest.

[498] DPD: Miho timesinking

This is the inspiration for this cosplay. As you can see, you can’t see what’s on the front. For a while I was considering putting a design on the front that’s seen on another cami later in the series. But tonight after talking with my hubby, I’ve decided not to. If I can’t convey who I am without that design, then I haven’t done it right. In the end there are only two people’s opinions I care about: myself and Fred Gallagher.

Yes, Fred Gallagher, co-creator, artist, and writer of MegaTokyo is going to be at Ohayocon!! I am so glad that I was planning to be Miho already. Getting to meet him while Miho just makes it even better. I can’t wait!


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