He’s finished!

I have finally finished Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden!! After my post earlier I got my paycheck stub and was able to do a little rearranging in my budget to allow me to go ahead and get his boots tonight instead of having to wait another week or so. Now I can focus on the little details. But I’ll get to that. In the next day or so I’ll post a full rundown of Harry, but right now there’s one part that I finished recently that I haven’t had the chance to post about.

Charm bracelet with shield charms
The shield bracelet!

The shield bracelet was the one thing I thought would take forever to get for Harry. Then I found the charms on eBay. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Finding medieval shield charms, let alone ones that don’t have a cross on them, is very, very hard. Thankfully I was able to buy more than I needed. 🙂 If you’re interested in some or a bracelet, let me know. To me, it is a very important little detail to be able to do to really finish him off.

But now that he’s done, I’m going to work on adding a little more detail to a couple of things. First, the wig needs to be a little shorter, but that’ll be easy. The complicated thing is going to be adding runes onto the blasting rod and staff. The blasting rod is going to be packed full of runes while the staff is going to have one line of runes that slowly winds it’s way down the staff. The staff needs to be stripped before I can do that. I figure I’m going to use sandpaper for that. Then I am hopefully going to be able to borrow a wood burning kit from one of my friends. If not, I’ll go and buy it. Then the staff and rod are going to be so beautifully finished. I doubt it’ll happen before Ohayocon, but that’s fine with me.


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