One time every century…

Death takes on mortal flesh, better to comprehend what the lives she takes must feel like, to taste the bitter tang of mortality; and this is the price she must pay for being the divider of the living from all that has gone before, all that must come after.

Today I read Death: The High Cost of Living where she does just that. She becomes Didi for a day. What she wears really isn’t that different from what she normally wears. And that got me thinking….


All I needed was a jacket and a top hat and I’d everything to do Didi. But I felt like I was coping out because Didi doesn’t require the whiting out that Death does. Then I remembered something very important: in cosplay, you do what you want to do and don’t worry about anyone else.

So…. I’m still planning to do Death. I’ve actually got quite a few outfits of Death’s in mind to do. But for Ohayocon, I’m going to be going as Didi. I ordered the top hat from Amazon once I figured that I could afford to do this. After work I stopped by Goodwill to look for jackets. I wanted to get a 3-button blazer, but I found something that simply screamed Didi/Death. It’s a 3-button leather jacket. It’s a bit longer than what she was wearing, but it has the look and I feel really fits. And in the end, isn’t that what’s important? Hopefully next week I’ll have some finished pics to share! I am so looking forward to being Didi!!!


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