Beam me up, Scotty!

So, I’m sitting at home wondering why my hubby is late. Usually he calls to let me know he’s running late. When he gets home, he has this paper bag full of stuff. He takes it straight back to the bedroom and closes the door. My first thought is he did some Christmas shopping already. Granted it’s the middle of October, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have found something. After a while I hear noises coming from the room. So I decide to knock an ask if I can come in. When I do I see him sitting on the bed playing with a phaser with a communicator still in the box on the bed and a command shirt sitting there too.

Turns out he decided on what he wanted to do for Halloween, a Starfleet officer. He had stopped by Starbase Columbus on the way home and picked up the aforementioned items and a science tricorder. While we were looking at the shiny new toys, I slowly got more and more excited about them. Eventually I carefully asked if he wanted to go in matching costumes this year. He’s not really big on the whole matching thing when I usually bring it up, so I didn’t want to trample all over his idea. He said he was thinking about it and thought it would be fun. So after much heming and hawing, we headed back to Starbase Columbus. He donned his shirt and put on some black pants and shoes so he could get a picture in their awesome replica chair as he promised the owner he would.

That started everything. I did some research on Starfleet 1701st to find out how the women carried their stuff with them and I was off. The dress is a Rubie’s. It’s really not that bad for a bought costume. It’s a tiny bit long and a little light, but it’s really good otherwise. Granted the small insignia bugs me, but there’s nothing I can do about it. The rank braid, on the other hand, I could do something about. It was originally a very gold strip sewn onto the sleeves. I took them off and replaced them with gold rickrack the appropriate distance from the cuff. I’ll post about that in detail later.

Now that the dress was fixed, it was on to the props. When we went to get my costume, hubby picked up a geological tricorder for himself. It’s more accurate to his command uniform. He graciously allowed me to borrow his science one for the party. Yay! I had also bought a communicator. All of the props we bought are Diamond Select and work quite well. The tricorder even comes with the separate scanner and lights up. The communicator has wonderful sound effects and is fun to play with. But I needed a place to put my communicator. It turns out all the phasers and communicators were held on with Velcro. The women, and many of the men, wore simple belts made of two 2″ strips of Velcro. So I bought some Velcro and made myself a belt. So easy! Again, I’ll post about it soon.

Science Officer and CaptainWith all of that taken care of I just needed to take care of the rest. I bought some nice black nylons, which are what all the women wore. I already had some tall black boots that would work. I ended up getting one final touch. On the show they wore panties over the nylons that matched their uniforms. According the 1701st, Danskin sells the best. And they were on sale! So I bought some of the light blue ones and they match almost perfectly.

Hubby decided to keep his phaser and commuicator in his pockets since he didn’t want to ‘ruin’ his props with Velcro. I’ve been asked to come up with some way of making a belt that would hold them without having to do anything to the props. Once I figure it out, you’ll know.

And with that, we ‘beamed’ over to the Halloween party and had a blast!


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