Oh, Dr. Horrible!

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog was an internet miniseries that aired in 2008. It’s one of Joss Whedon’s amazing creations. By the end of the movie, Dr. Horrible has risen to power and has his own groupies. Being a big fan of Dr. Horrible, I really wanted to be able to be one of the groupies.

But my biggest obstacle was that t-shirt. I had no idea how to do it since it has Dr. Horrible on it. Then, I did some seaching online and found my answer. Official t-shirts! Now I just had to find those goggles.

I found this great website, The Irongate Gallery. They had amazing costumes and parts. They had the goggles. For a really affordable price too. So I bookmarked the site and kept track of the price. Now it was just a case of having the money to buy everything.

Dr. Horrible GroupieAfter Dragon*Con this year, I decided that I would get the Groupie together for next year. I started to budget in the money and double check to make sure everything was still available. It was. I ordered the t-shirt no problem. I ordered the goggles. I got an e-mail saying I’d get another one when they shipped. Weeks went by and I heard nothing, was charged nothing. So I decided to check the site to see if I could find out anything. The site was gone. I got a bit worried and double-checked what I had. I still hadn’t been charged for them, so that was a plus. After a little investigation I found out that not only was the site gone, but the phone number was disconnected. It seems that they are completely gone. And that put me back at square one for goggles.

A little looking on Amazon got me to the newer version. They were green and have no black vents. But at least they’re the right shape and type of goggles. So I ordered them and started looking into how to paint them. Eventually I decided to use an Elmer’s Painters paint marker in silver. They can be used on plastic with no problem. I sat down and painted them on Tuesday night. I let them dry overnight and did some touching up last night.

And with that my Dr. Horrible Groupie is finally finished! Now I just have to wait for Dragon*Con to have some Dr. Horribles to fangasm over! 🙂


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