Death is here!

Death is the second eldest of the Endless. She’s Dream’s older sister. And she is a lot of fun.

Death is my favorite character of The Sandman series. I think it’s her attitude, it’s just so much fun. So I decided to give her a try. She’s going to be easier than I thought and a lot of fun since I’m planning to leave her flexible when it comes to her wardrobe. But I decided to stick with the signature look first.

But there are a few things that she always has no matter what she’s wearing. First is her hair. I got a Vegas wig from Arda Wigs in black. Once I carefully removed the wefts that made the ponytail, it was perfect! I’m saving the wefts for future needs.

The ankh was actually the first thing I bought for her. When we were at the OSU Ren Faire this year, there was a booth with some amazing jewelry. When I saw the ankh I thought it was perfect! I got my hubby’s opinion on the size, because I wanted to make sure it wasn’t too small. But he agreed with me, so I got it.

The black cami I’ve had for a while now, but even if I hadn’t it’s not like they’re hard to find. Same thing with the boots. They’re actually the same boots I use for my Polesitting Miho. They’re really useful boots.

The jeans on the other hand were tricky. It’s actually really hard to find affordable, black skinny jeans. Eventually I found some on Target’s website. Once I had the money I went to Target to get them and they didn’t have any in my size! Luckily right by them were some jeggings, and they not only had black, but they were in my size. Also they were $10 cheaper!

The belt I also used for Live Aid Freddie. They wear really similar belts, so I figured why not?

After much consideration, I decided to go ahead and do the make-up. For a while I was like, “I don’t have to go all out. People will know who I am without the make-up.” But after looking at various cosplays, the make-up really finishes the look up. Also I did my research and it quelled my fears. I bought Ben Nye’s Clown White and Translucent Powder, and some Merhon Barrier spray. If I do everything right, I won’t be leaving white on everyone and everything!


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