Cutting back

Yesterday I looked at all of the cosplays that I have planned out and decided to get them a bit more organized. I realized that there were quite a few that are getting close to being done, yet are just sitting there waiting for me to want to finish them while I plan out even more cosplays.

I decided that I need to get the ones that I have started working on (intentionally or not) and get them finished. It’s still quite a list. In addition to the ones I’m going to be actively working on this next year, there is:
-Casual Haruhara Haruko
-MegaGamers Miho Tohya
Connor MacManus
SG-13 Woodland Uniform
Gaz Membrane (Adult)
Jane Lane (redux)
Kaylee Frye (redux)
upgrading some of ‘Polesitting’ Miho

I’m hoping that I can stay focused enough to get these finished before I go starting any new ones. As it is, I have a lot on my plate. You really don’t want to see the list of everything I’d like to do. 🙂


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