Halloween surprise!

My plan was to wear my ‘Polesitting’ Miho for our friends’ Halloween party. That was until my hubby came home from work Thursday.

He had made a stop at Starbase Columbus on his way home. He had (finally) decided on his costume. He picked up a long sleeved Command t-shirt from the original series. Along with the top, he bought a phaser and communicator, and a science tricorder. As I was oohing and ahhing over his purchases I threw out the idea of having costumes that went together. He said they did have the dresses, science ones at that. I said that I’d even be willing to pay for dinner if we went, back for him, up to the store.

After a bit he decided to try on his shirt. It fit very well and looks really good on him. He then pulled on some black pants. We were going! He had told the owner that when he came back he’d come in uniform and sit in the captain’s chair they have in the store. So I grabbed my camera in addition to my wallet and we headed out.

It is an awesome store! It’s like a comic book store, but just for science fiction. Yes, it’s mainly Star Trek, but there are a lot of other shows and movies represented there as well. We spent a while talking with the owner, who is a wonderful woman. Hubby sat in the chair and I got a few good shots of him sitting there, looking captain-y, and looking at the awesome switches on it as well.

Personally I resisted buying more than I needed, the science dress and a communicator. I really don’t need a communicator, but if I’m going to borrow hubby’s science tricorder I should have a communicator since I’ll be off the ship. 🙂 Hubby ended up picking up a geological tricorder to go more accurately with his command shirt. Eventually I’m going to have my own tricorder, but at least for Halloween I can borrow it from hubby.

Yesterday I got what I needed to finish it for Halloween. The dress comes with lieutenant’s rank on it. But the ribbon they used looks too shiny and cheap for me. So, until I can afford the replica, I bought some gold rickrack to replace it with. I also picked up some black sheer stockings, since that’s what they wore.

But, most importantly, I bought the material for my belt. There are only a few episodes where a female crewmember goes on an away mission, but when they did they also wore belts to hold their phaser and communicator. It was the same as the men’s, just half as wide. Luckily it’s really simple to make. 2″ wide Velcro. That’s all. 2″ wide Velcro. I was so happy when I found that out. I’ve got enough to make belts for both of us, but hubby’s not sure. He doesn’t want to put Velcro on his stuff. So I’ll probably be making some sort of belt for him to hold his tricorder and phaser. But I’m fine with putting Velcro on mine. For him they’re part of a collection that he’s going to use in a costume. For me they’re props for my cosplay. Everyone has their own way of looking at things.

There are probably two things I’m going to do before wearing it for a con. First, get a wig. I do not have enough hair on my head to come close to even the simplest of hairstyles from that show. I’ll just get a wig in a realistic looking hair color and my friend and I will have fun.
Second, shorten the skirt. It’s longer than how they wore it on the show. Which is fine for Halloween because I don’t have anything matching to wear underneath them. Of course, that goes with shortening the skirt: finding matching ‘panties’. If I’m going to wear the uniform, it’s going to be as accurate as possible!


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