Jane and Kaylee: Redux

Yesterday I decided to make it ‘official’. I feel if I give something it’s own entry on my Cosplay.com profile, it’s officially a cosplay. I am going to redo Jane and do a major overhaul on Kaylee.

Jane needed just about everything redone. The leggings and the boots are the only things not changing. I’m going to get a new wig from Arda Wigs, Wesley. It’s got the part in the right spot and I may not have to do much trimming for the long side. I’m going to use a red shirt I’ve had in my wardrobe. I didn’t want to use it before because I wanted to keep my everyday and cosplay wardrobes separate. Now I realize it’s silly to buy something when I have the perfect thing already. The new black shirt is also staying. But I consider that sort of an early part of the redux. The shorts are the big thing. I’m hoping I can find a pair that are long enough to cuff that actually fit this time. Maybe I’ll look at the men’s shorts too. They would definitely be long enough. But whether they look right cuffed will be the deciding factor.

Kaylee doesn’t need as much work. But the one thing that needs the most work is her defining clothing item: the jumpsuit. I’m going to take the jumpsuit I have, take it apart, and use it as a guide to make a new jumpsuit or two. That means new patches as well. I’m thinking for one I’m going to take a look at what she has on hers and try to match them. The only other thing Kaylee’s getting are some sandals. The boots look great, but they get a little much to be clunking around in all day. Also if it’s really warm, they are great for keeping the heat in. All the shirts are staying. They’re wonderful. I might even look into making a jacket and even might find a parasol as well.


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