Ohayocon here I come!

I have decided that it’s been long enough. I am going to a convention that’s here in Columbus. There are so many held here every year, yet the only convention I’ve been to is Dragon*Con in Atlanta! I figured I would start out with the first one I knew about, Ohayocon. I’m not as big of an anime watcher as I used to be, but luckily that doesn’t mean I’ll be bored!

I was going through the Ohayocon forums, getting all excited, when I started to really think about the cosplays I was planning to wear. My plans were to be Death, Casual Miho, and Harry Dresden. Then I remembered that Ohayocon is in January. Two of those simply have camis for their tops.


Luckily Death is really easy to add to. She wears all sorts of clothes, including jackets. So I figure I’ll either wear a jacket or my black hoodie and some gloves for her.

But Casual Miho doesn’t wear jackets. She’s just hanging out at home. Rrrr. I was really looking forward to being her at a con next year. It looks like I’m just going to have to switch to my MegaGamers Miho. With the tutleneck and jeans I’ll definitely be warmer. It just sucks that I can’t do what I originally wanted to. Although, being casual and at home, nothing says she couldn’t be wearing a hoodie. Hmm…

But I’m still extremely excited to be going this year! There are already some possible panels I’m really looking forward to. I may actually go to some panels about costuming! Gasp! I always pick out a few at D*C that look interesting but never end up going.

And of course there’s just sitting back and seeing all the amazing cosplays everyone’s going to be doing. I’m going to need that monopod and my extra battery!


3 thoughts on “Ohayocon here I come!

  1. I was web hunting for Dresden style dusters. Hoping to surprise my boyfriend. We’re both fans and his duster doesn’t fit him through the shoulders anymore. Most the one’s I saw for sale aside from being totally out of my price range had the cape of the duster much shorter than Jim Butcher describes them. Are you using a mainstream costume pattern for the duster or did you construct your own pattern?

    1. I used the Butterick 3830 pattern for the duster. Unfortunately it’s out of print now. There are places and eBay that still sell them, but they’re not cheap. I bought mine years ago. But if you can get it, it’s perfect for Harry. Good luck!

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