Dragon*Con 2011 wrap up

The con is over. And we had a blast. The pictures are posted. The summaries are written. But what about the cosplays?

I really wanted to get to this sooner, but con crud got a hold of me. Now that it’s dying off, my brain is not letting me do anything else until I write about my cosplaying experience at Dragon*Con 2011. I’m going to try to be chronological about this.

I decided to drive down in and do Jane Lane for Thursday. Being in that cosplay for so long really brought it’s faults to my attention. If I do Jane again, she is getting a major overhaul. Taking the sides of the red shirt in made it a little too tight instead of too loose. The shorts are just way too small for me and I could not keep them buttoned without major discomfort. The black shirt hopefully will look better after a wash, hopefully taking out the excess paint from the collar and allowing it to lay properly. And then there’s the wig. It’s a little too small for me. It’s cut too short in the back, thus showing the wig. And it wasn’t cut the best. Sadly I don’t have much positive to say about the cosplay in it’s current form. I ended up not wearing the wig in from the car. But I did get recognized despite that while in the registration line! That is what keeps hope alive for this cosplay. The random, rare time when someone recognizes me!
If I do go ahead and overhaul it (which I probably will since I got recognized even without the wig on), here’s the plan:
-The red shirt is getting replaced by a red shirt I already have. I didn’t want to use it before, but now I’m fine with using everyday clothes as part of a cosplay.
-The shorts are either getting replaced by a pair I might still have or I’ll go out and buy some new ones. Considering I have more time this time around, it’ll be easier to find the right pair.
-I love Arda Wigs! I’d be getting the Le Tigre Short in black and properly styling it. Maybe even trying to get it to be a bit fuller at the ends like Jane’s.

Friday was a double cosplay day. I started out the day in my SG-13 Woodland Uniform. It was so comfy! Even the boots were comfy and only got a little annoying near the end when I was tired of hauling them around. They are heavy! The only thing about this cosplay is you don’t really get much attention in it. There are SG uniforms everywhere. But it’s not always about being noticed. Sometimes it’s just about being able to show your fandom on your sleeve, literally. 🙂

About halfway through the day I changed into Kaylee. I decided to simply wear my sandals instead of the boots. Are they sandals she would have worn? Probably not. Was I tired of tromping around in the combat boots? YES! There were comments which is always nice since there are a ton of Kaylees on any given day of the con. I even got my picture taken! But I’m starting to think that I need a new jumpsuit. What I’m probably going to do is take apart the one I have and make a pattern from it. That way I can create it sleeveless and with a zipper and long enough right off the bat. Also having a jumpsuit pattern could be useful!

Saturday was just one: The Doctor. I got to run around Atlanta in jimjammes and a dressing gown all day long. I wore out the padding in the heels of the slippers I walked so much! I kept getting the odd Arthur Dent comment despite the lack of towel, so I made sure to have the sonic out at all times which really helped. The only thing that I need to work on for him are the wig and the glasses. The glasses just don’t look good at all. But they’re better than my everyday glasses. The wig sits on my head really differently than the foam head, so it didn’t look quite right. I figure I’ll just spike it up and leave it at that instead of changing it to go with each outfit.

Sunday was back to double cosplaying. The first half of the day was Miho. I’m not sure if all the people who commented knew that’s who I was considering Triana Orpheus from The Venture Brothers and Gaz Membrane from Invader Zim have very similar looks and big fandoms at D*C. Also the fact that the ribbon didn’t stay well didn’t help. It looked great until it had to take that long car ride down to Atlanta. I’m going to get some wired black ribbon to replace it. I figure if nothing else, it’ll be easier to fix before I wear the wig.

Again, halfway through the day I changed, but this time it was into Harry Dresden. There were quite a few Harry’s running around that weekend which made me quite happy. But the majority of them were wearing hats! Argh! He doesn’t wear a hat! Luckily a guy with a pentacle, black duster, and staff is hard to confuse with anyone else. That staff is awkward to get out of the way during panels though. I may try sitting near walls next time so I can just lean it against one instead.

Monday was all Freddie. We got up early to finish packing and get all of our stuff to the car and try to make it to a panel. We didn’t make the panel. But also the moustache ended up not making it out of the room. 😦 I don’t think I used enough spirit gum, and I placed it too high. The edge of the lace was right up against my nose and it was not comfortable. I’m not sure if anyone would have recognized me with it anyway. But Freddie is another case of, I don’t care if I get recognized. He’s just fun to be!

So that’s it. Believe it or not I know what I’m going to be doing for next year already. I haven’t started working on any of them yet, but soon there will be progress. 🙂 But before next year’s D*C, I am going to be going to Ohayocon here in Columbus! And of course I have those cosplays figured out. But those will just have to wait for another post. 😉


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