Another one done!

I finally finished The Doctor’s wig tonight! I had cut it to the right length for a while now. I just hadn’t gotten around to dying it yet. Last night I finally mixed up the dye using the FW ink method. I didn’t get a picture of it before, but it was lighter. It ranged from a medium brown to a dark blonde. But Ten’s hair is not that light. So I dyed it and let it sit overnight. Well, more like 16 hours at least.

The wig after drying but before brushing.
Here's the result! It's perfect. Turned out like I was hoping it would.
The wig after brushing.
Then I brushed it out. I love the texture dying gave it.
A bit closer to show off the highlights.
I love how it kept the highlights in but still deepened the colors.
Getting ready to start styling.
Next was the styling. And yes, that is an attachment meant to be used on spray paint. But it works awesome on hair spray cans. I was supposed to rinse the wig out gently with cold water. But I didn't want to wait for it to dry and I thought it'd be fine. Um, yeah. No. It's a good thing I'm going to be washing this wig sometime soon. I'm just hoping it doesn't run onto me. I may end up rinsing it and restyling it before we go.
The finished wig.
And it's done, for now. His hair style changed from episode to episode. Luckily the wig can easily be washed. When I do it depends on what I do next.

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