Live Aid Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury at Live AidAt their historic appearance at the Live Aid concert, Freddie wore quite a simple outfit. A simple white tank, faded blue jeans, studded belt and armband, and Adidas boxing shoes. For this year’s Freddie for a Day, I decided to put my own twist on this iconic outfit.


From head to toe, here’s what I plan to do:

I am going to slick back my hair and tie it back so it’ll look similar to how Freddie had his. If I really like the outfit and have fun in it, I may invest in a wig.

I have bought a moustache! It’s real human hair and is on lace. I’ll be applying it with spirit gum. I have to do just a little trimming to get it the right length and shape, but it’s going to be perfect. I figure it’s one thing that will really scream Freddie.

The white tank top was a really easy find. It was only a few bucks at Meijer. The trick was making sure it was a racerback, which is what he wore.

They’re not faded, but I am going to be wearing my own skinny jeans. As with the wig, if I decide to make this a more permanent part of my wardrobe, I’ll look into finding faded skinny jeans. That’s not going to be easy.

The studded belt wasn’t as easy to find as I thought. It doesn’t have the three solid rows like most studded belts. As far as I can see it has grommets all the way around in the center. So I found something that’s close enough on Amazon. I also spent more on this than I planned because I can also use it for Death.

I couldn’t find a studded armband. But I do have a double row studded wrist cuff. I figure it’ll work just fine. Especially for the portrayal I’m going for.

I got some simple white canvas sneakers at Target before I got a good look at his shoes. The last thing I’ll change if I really have fun as Freddie.

And last but not least the microphone. One of the most iconic things about Freddie, aside from his amazing voice, is his microphone stand. Luckily the music director is more than happy to loan me part of a stand and a microphone to complete Freddie.

But the biggest thing about this cosplay is that I don’t plan to bind. I’m not crossplaying Freddie. I’m doing a genderbend version of Freddie. That means, I’ll have both the moustache and the boobs. 🙂 I’m also going to go a little more feminine with the eye make-up. The eyeliner will be a bit more obvious and I’m going to use silver eyeshadow. I’m probably going to try to leave the rest of my face as gender neutral as possible. It’s going to be so much fun!


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