‘Polesitting’ Miho

Polesitting Miho PosterI have finally finished my first Miho cosplay!! Originally my intent was to do her look from the Polesitting poster. Then I started to really look at the details and I realized that there was no way I was going to get it done correctly. So I decided to go for something similar that I knew I could do. It’s mainly a closet cosplay, which means I bought the majority of the clothing instead of making it myself. From head to toe, here’s the cosplay:

The wig I bought from Cosplay.com. It was a Willow style wig that was on clearance. It was the perfect color and I couldn’t find that color anywhere else. They were either too pink or too blue. I had to cut the bangs in myself and my friend and I ended up using her professional curling iron to get the bangs to curl at all. The ribbon I added and it was a pain in the butt to do too. I glued it to the center of the wig so it would stay put. Then I started sewing. Yes, sewing. I sewed the ribbon to the wig on the sides behind the hair and then started winding it around. I sewed them along the back so the curl would stay in place. It doesn’t look too bad, I think. But if I ever redo this wig, I’m going to use wired ribbon.

The t-shirt is a purple Apt 9 from Kohl’s. I bought it specifically for this cosplay. Of course it is really useful in everyday wear as well.

The bodice is from a friend. She used to use it in her Renaissance wardrobe, but didn’t wear it anymore and thought I could use it. One I removed the lace edgings she had sewn on, I realized it was perfect for Miho.

I made the arm-warmers from this pattern on Ravelry. I used yarn from Knit Picks in purple, for the stripes, and black, for the body. They are a great length and almost give the impression that it’s a long sleeved shirt.

The skirt I bought from Goodwill and altered. When I saw it, with it’s leather around the top and down the side, I knew that it was the perfect skirt. I simply took off almost half the length so it wasn’t too long.

The tights were a buy from Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft a few Halloweens ago. I saw them and immediately thought of this. Since then I’ve found some socks at Sock Dreams that match her tights here perfectly. I’m hoping to buy them sometime in the future.

The boots are from another friend. I don’t wear them often and now they’ve pretty much become cosplay boots. But they work really well for Miho.

I think that about does it. I’ll have pictures up here and on the Cosway probably after Dragon*Con. I can’t wait!


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