Change of plans

Earlier today I had a lot of stuff click. I wrote about all of it over on my general blog (yes, I have too many blogs, I know). But I realized that there is no way I can get the blue suit done in time without rushing things. So while I was re-prioritizing my cosplay list for next year, I realized that I could switch the blue suit with what I was going to do next year: The Christmas Invasion.

The Christmas InvasionThis is going to be so much fun to put together. I ran out this afternoon to get the fabric for the pajamas and the robe and the notions that go with it. The fabric’s not even close to accurate. But it is striped and on white. Eventually I’m going to order the accurate stuff someone created on Spoonflower once they open things up for sale. But for now, it’s going to work just fine. The only thing I’m going to have to go slightly off about is I’m going to have to wear the brainy specs. It’s either that or things will be quite blurry. But at least they’ll be the brainy specs and not my own glasses. I’ll have pictures up as things progress!


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