Freddie update

As I’ve already mentioned, I’m going to participate in Freddie for a Day, especially since it’s the last day of Dragon*Con this year. Right now the plan is to just get a white tank top and go as a femme!Live Aid Freddie. But I had a thought.

I’m going to post about this everywhere I can to raise awareness and hopefully raise money. If we can raise £311 ($500) by August 26th, I will go all out to crossplay Live Aid Freddie. That means I’ll go out and buy light jeans, a mustache, and a wig and truly be Freddie for the day. I may even brave things and not wear my glasses unless I’m at a panel and want to see what’s going on.

So, are you up to it? It’s in your hands whether I go as femme!Freddie or crossplay Freddie. You have a little over 7 weeks! Even $1 makes a difference. Please go to Just Giving and give what you can!


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