Freddie for a Day

I have been a big Queen fan for over a decade.  I was a bit too young to be listening to them when they were big.  So you can imagine how excited I was when I found out about Freddie for a Day this morning.  Freddie for a Day takes place on September 5th, Freddie’s birthday. People around the world dress up as Freddie to raise money for the Mercury Phoenix Trust.  The Trust raises funds for AIDS awareness and education.

Being the cosplaying Queen fan that I am, I looked to see when September 5th is.  It’s the last day of Dragon*Con!  So I’m going to pull together a femme!Live Aid Freddie to wear at the convention this year.

Now I bet you’re wondering where all of this is going.  I have set up a page on JustGiving to raise money.  So if you want to sponsor me in my effort to bring awareness of the Mercury Phoenix Trust to Dragon*Con this year, please go here and donate what you can.  I’m open to suggestions as to what to do for the wonderful people who support me and the Trust in this.

Next year, Drag Freddie!


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