More props!

After using much leather, glue, thread, and patience, I have two new props done. I finally managed to get the Psychic Paper done right. It looks great. Now I just need to pop in Silence in the Library and see what message River sent to him. I figure since I’m doing that particular outfit, I should have the matching message.
I also made a little business card holder for my Harry Dresden business cards. I saw one person on The RPF make the comment that having them to hand out would be fun. So I printed up some of my own. I didn’t want them loose in my pocket, so I sewed up a quick little wallet.

Pics for both will be up soon. Hopefully tomorrow. Now, bed. Sleep is a good thing and I keep putting it off!


2 thoughts on “More props!

    1. Sure. My hope is to get the pics up later this evening. Good luck on your cosplays. I’m hoping to get my Harry duster done soon, so there’ll probably be lots of pics and a long post when that’s done.

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