I have survived!

I survived the weekend and got quite a bit done. Sadly I don’t know exactly where my camera went in the mess that is my room, but as soon as I find it there will be pictures. Oh yes, there will be pictures. 🙂

Anyway, I didn’t get everything I wanted done, but that was partly due to the sewing machine deciding to not like me. But here’s what I managed to get done:
Miho Tohya (Polesitting inspired)
I got the skirt shortened! I took off around half the length, but it’s still long enough for Miho. I’ll probably do a progress pic for her soon so you (and I) can see what all the clothes look like together. I finished styling her wig. With a lot of help from my friend who’ll be graduating from beauty school very soon. We even figured out how to get the ribbon to wind through and stay in place. I haven’t tried it yet, but I am going to this weekend. My goal is to have her completely done by Sunday evening!
Jane Lane
I know Jane’s done. But I’m a perfectionist. It didn’t look quite right before. It did well enough for a costume I quickly threw together two weeks before the convention. Now she’s done. I took in the sides of the red shirt and while I can’t close it, I don’t need to! It hangs perfectly! I also added the white to the collar of the black shirt. I may end up redoing it, because it’s not my best sewing job ever. But if I don’t, it’ll be just fine!
The Doctor
I got almost as much as I could have done for The Doctor. With my friend’s help, I got the wig cut to the correct length. It looks great! This weekend I’m hoping to get it dyed and hopefully styled. I picked up a paint gun that’s usually for spray paint, but it fits perfectly on aerosol hair spray as well. It’s going to give me much finer control and will be easier to hold! I also got my first psychic paper done! It’s not the neatest, so I’m going to make another one and this one will be my backup.
Harry Dresden
I had great hopes for Harry this weekend. But the sewing machine acting up cut them short. I did get the tip of the blasting rod painted! I also got a good start on the duster. I got the sewing machine working again last night and got a little more done. My plan for tonight is to get the ironing board back up and make a good dent in the duster. I’m hoping to get it done by Sunday evening.

So that’s all. But hopefully by Sunday evening I’ll have a few finished cosplays to show off!


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