Tuxedo Mask: Three Ways

The other day I was on the Cosplay.com forums (big surprise!) and I ran across a thread asking for advice on how to do a female Tuxedo Mask. She was thinking of wearing a skirt instead of the pants. Someone suggested wearing something like this:

Formal Tails with Body Suit Adult

There were at least two of us who agreed that it would be a good look. It also got me thinking.
One of my close friends is a huge Sailor Moon fan and she really wants to do Sailor Moon for a Halloween. But she wants a Tuxedo Mask to go with her. We have another friend who is really into Sailor Moon and would do it, but, rightly, wants to wear a costume that goes with his wife and kids. I know how much she wants to do this costume. So, despite knowing nothing about Sailor Moon, I said I’d be her Tuxedo Mask. No big deal since I’ve gotten much better at crossplaying, right?

Well, now thanks to that one suggestion I have three different ideas for Tuxedo Mask. One is the regular Tuxedo Mask which I found a great tux that would only need a little altering in the vest to be perfect. The rest really isn’t hard to do. But I was also thinking and looking into how to make the sexy!Tuxedo Mask. While I was looking into that I came up with a great idea for a female Tuxedo Mask. So I go from thinking about making one cosplay, to, potentially, three! I’ll put up my plans for all three once I have everything figured out.

Now I just need to watch Sailor Moon to find out who Tuxedo Mask is! At least my friend’ll have plenty of options to pick from. 😉


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